Getting away from life can be a way of digging deeper into it, and that’s been the story of Incan Abraham since its founding in 2009. Childhood friends reuniting after college and other wayward adventures, the project emerged in a remote house in Upstate New York, bore fruit in L.A.’s Eastside music community, and matured across the country in two national tours.

While their debut LP, Tolerance (2014), was a pining for the roads that awaited, the band’s upcoming release (2017) is a story of returning—to the very house in which Incan Abraham started in New York's Hudson Valley. In this primeval milieu, the original spirit was rekindled, and a second sonic chapter was born. The expansive soundscapes remain, but they’re no longer imagined ones; the memories are infinitely richer than the fiction of dreams.

The new album was recorded at The Canyon Hut Studios in Laurel Canyon by Grammy-award winning engineer Clinton Welander, and features Dash Hutton of Haim on drums. Founding member Giuliano Pizzulo is back after several outings as touring guitarist & keyboardist for Passion Pit.

"In My Bones" is the first taste the band is sharing from their upcoming LP. It is a song about conflict — between the intuitive and the practical, the tangible and the cryptic, and pushing onward despite it all. Cafaro's lyrics evoke our anxiety in the face of uncertainty, but there's a clarity hidden in our deepest marrow, if we can defy our turbulent minds.

Incan Abraham is Teddy Cafaro, Spencer Mandel, and Giuliano Pizzulo.